Solar Energy for a Secondary School in Tanzania

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. ("JinkoSolar" or the "Company") (NYSE: JKS), a fast-growing, vertically integrated solar power product manufacturer based in China, today announced it will provide its high quality modules to a solar energy project for the Nyumba ya Mungu Secondary School in Northern Tanzania. Partnering with Power to the People, a non-profit organization that aims to provide solar electricity to the developing world, JinkoSolar is one of the first global solar manufacturers to incorporate sustainable education with its technology donation.

"I learned from my trip to Tanzania in early January this year that it takes more than technology to improve the human condition. That is why JinkoSolar’s community support carefully balances technology innovation with the human expertise needed to achieve measurable success in the long term," said Arturo Herrero, Chief Marketing Officer for JinkoSolar. "Our partnership with the Nyumba ya Mungu Secondary School through Power to the People is a prime example of how JinkoSolar combines innovative technology with innovative people to achieve lasting change."

JinkoSolar will donate modules for inclusion in a 2.5kW rooftop system to power lighting and the computer lab for the school. In addition to providing the modules used in the system, members of the JinkoSolar team will serve as volunteers to help educate the local community on the benefits of solar, paving the way for a wider understanding of renewable energy in Tanzania. The system will be installed in July 2012 by a team of volunteers from the US solar industry as well as by employees of JinkoSolar.

The solar installation will facilitate a more comfortable learning environment for students and teachers alike. By providing clean electricity to the school, Power to the People and its volunteers will assist the Tanzanian community in modernizing its infrastructure through the utilization of renewable energy.

"Rural electrification projects can really make a difference to millions of people around the world that are living without electricity. We’re grateful for JinkoSolar’s generosity and are excited to help bring solar energy to the Nyumba ya Mungu Secondary School next summer together with Rotary International," said Jenean Smith, Founder of Power to the People.

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE: JKS) is a fast-growing, vertically integrated solar power product manufacturer with cost efficient operations based in Jiangxi Province and Zhejiang Province in China and sales and marketing offices in Shanghai, China, Munich, Germany, San Francisco, U.S., Bologna, Italy, Montpellier, France and Zug. Switzerland. JinkoSolar has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain with an integrated annual capacity of approximately1.2 GW each for silicon ingots, wafers, solar cells and solar modules as of September 30, 2011. JinkoSolar distributes its photovoltaic products to a diversified customer base in the global photovoltaic solar energy market; including Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the United States, France, Eastern Europe, China and other countries and regions.