The REpower 6M Offshore Wind Power Plant

The solution to this challenge is to constantly refine the wind energy plants existent technology for maximum optimization. Following this principle, our engineers have used the proven 5M wind turbine as a basis for designing the 6M offshore model – and have thus developed a wind turbine with a nominal power of 6.15 megawatts and a rotor diameter of 126 meters that ranks among the most powerful offshore wind turbines in the world.

Redundant Components to Prevent Wind Turbine Downtimes

To deliver an optimal performance out on the open sea the 6M wind turbine has been designed to match the challenges of large offshore wind farms and deep waters. Many of its components feature a redundant design, thus increasing its availability. Various sensors ensure that any failure is detected and fixed as quickly as possible. In case of maintenance, the 6M’s spacious design allows for maximum comfort to ensure quick repairs.

The REpower 6M is not only groundbreaking in terms of reliability and maintenance. An advanced cooling system for the generator enables the offshore wind power plant to deliver a continuous capacity of 6 megawatts. The refined electrical system guarantees a long lifespan and highest yields at minimal operating costs.

The Advantages of Offshore Wind Turbines

Significantly higher yield due to more constant and higher wind speed
No constructional restrictions regarding height and rotor diameter
Only minor operational restrictions (shadow cast, sound emission, etc.)
Availability of extremely large areas

The 6M Offshore Wind Power Plant in Operation:

Ellhöft, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (2009)
Thornton Bank II & III, Belgium (2012)
Eastern North Sea, Germany (2012)