Enel promotes electric vehicles

Sustainable mobility fuelled by energy generated from renewables. This is Enel Drive Tutto Compreso (All Inclusive), the special offer from Enel Energia for electric car owners.

Thanks to this special flat rate offer with zero environmental impact from CO2 emissions, motorists can charge their car in the comfort of their own garage or use the public charging stations installed in their home town.

These offers were unveiled for the first time today at Electric City – the Bologna Motor Show pavilion entirely given over to sustainable mobility that, for the second year in a row is “Powered by Enel”.

In response to the commercial launch of electric vehicles by all the main motor vehicle manufacturers worldwide, Enel, who sells power and gas on the free market to households and businesses, has come up with special offers designed to meet every type of charging requirement.

• Enel Drive Tutto Compreso (All Inclusive): a flat monthly charging fee, regardless of the number of recharges carried out, which includes the cost of supplied energy, the rental fee for the “Home Station” and also any charges carried out at the public charging points in the town in which the Home Station is installed (only in the provinces taking part in the pilot schemes, such as Pisa, Rome and Bologna);

• Enel Drive Tutto Compreso “ricarica pubblica” (Public charging), the special offer for users of the public charging points installed by Enel in one of the towns taking part in the pilot schemes, at a flat fee, regardless of the number of charges carried out.

All special offers from Enel Energia for charging electric vehicles involve the supply of energy entirely generated from renewable sources, for mobility with zero environmental impact.

Enel Drive Tutto Compreso (All Inclusive) includes the energy supplied for charging from a personal connection along with the hire of the Home Station – an innovative infrastructure for the purposes of home charging. The price includes installation, maintenance, guarantee and customer assistance provided by a central call centre with a toll-free number.

A card is provided to activate charging, which can be used both for the Home Station and for public charging points. The price of Enel Drive Tutto Compreso (All Inclusive) will be 80 euros per month (including VAT and taxes), for one year. A special launch promotion will be offered at a flat rate of 60 euros per month for the first six months (including VAT and taxes). Only the cost of connection has to be added in.

Enel Drive Tutto Compreso “ricarica pubblica” (Public charging) will be available in all the towns in which Enel (enel.com) has installed a public network infrastructure (to date, Pisa, Rome and Bologna). For this offer too, customers will receive a card for gaining access to the charging point and for starting up the recharge. The charges will be invoiced on separate bills. A special launch promotion will be offered at a flat rate of 25 euros per month (Including VAT and taxes).

These special offers from Enel Energia will go on sale at the beginning of 2012, available from the Enel sales outlets “Punti Enel” and the sales network of car manufacturers who have been working in partnership with Enel for some time.

Over the course of 2012, Enel Energia will also be launching the special offer “Enel Drive Free”, at a variable price based on actual consumption. This means that customers will be able to pay for their recharges on the basis of their use of the car.

Both the public charging points and the Home Station have been developed by Enel Distribuzione to ensure optimum integration with the electricity grid.

Enel Distribuzione is committed to supporting the uptake of e-mobility by developing smart charging systems, formulating standards and promoting interoperability at both Italian and European level.