ALBATROS broadens its services for O&M of Concentrating Solar Thermal Power plants

Within the scope of O&M, mirror cleaning is the key factor to increase the reflectivity and therefore, the total power generation, maximizing sales revenues of the solar thermal plant.

Cleaning efficiently is critical to achieve substantial cost savings and boost profitability. The choice of the right equipment and strategy to be implemented will determine consequently the global performance of the plant.

ALBATROS, global leaders in mirror cleaning for csp plants, will be addressing the issues related to mirror reflectivity and presenting the current cleaning methods and equipments, based on their own experience

ALBATROS broadens its range of services for O&M of CSP plants

ALBATROS, leader supplier of maintenance vehicles for concentrated solar energy plants, delivered three vehicles for HTF draining operations to ACCIONA -Palma del Rio and Majadas- and to Soleval Renovables -Lebrija. Two more vehicles have been requested by ELECNOR for their solar plants, Astexol and Aste 1B. With these orders, there will be 5 vehicles of this type designed and manufactured by ALBATROS operating in solar fields.

Maintenance works on ball joints, tubes replacements, etc have to be carried out without HTF running through the absorber tubes due to safety reasons.

ALBATROS HTF drainage vehicles come with an isolated tank of 4000 liters capacity and a pump to vacuum and discharge HTF at 350ºC. The added value of these vehicles is that loading and unloading operations can be done immediately – not having to wait for the HTF to cool down and thus, improving the productivity when unloading multiple loops is needed.
ALBATROS drainage vehicles has been designed for multiple purposes:

-Filling and emptying HTF from absorber tubes(loading-unloading)
-Transferring HTF bypassing the tank
-Draining the discharge pumps from the central station for maintenance services.

As optional equipment, ALBATROS provides a pump that allows injecting HTF in absorber tubes in operation, increasing the outflow pressure.

In order to improve the quality of O&M, the vehicle comes with two bottles of N2, which enables blanketing the tube after emptying it, cleaning the circuit. As a supplement, it provides two compressors that would support the emptying process in case of running out of N2