Concentrating Solar Power Today Sevilla 2011

CSP Today Sevilla 2011

Event Date:
Mon, 2011-11-28 07:30 – Wed, 2011-11-30 18:00

CSP Today Sevilla is the premier international Concentrated Solar Thermal Power meeting place and in its 5th edition it will give you the ultimate CSP learning & industry networking experience. With over 700 top attendees, this is by far the biggest, best, and most influential CSP industry event.

At CSP TODAY SEVILLA 2011, you will find the answers to your most pressing CSP challenges and gain invaluable knowledge including:

GET COMPETITIVE, TODAY: Learn from industry successes and failures to boost your performance, compete successfully with PV and build a sustainable GW business in a post-incentives market
DELVE INTO NEW MARKETS: From India to South Africa and beyond, get an invaluable guide to the CSP hotspots around the globe to seize the opportunities for maximum success in emerging markets
SLASH YOUR COSTS, LIFT YOUR ROI: Get the very latest in state of the art technology, engineering and innovation to guarantee an optimised project from day one
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR USP: Get up to speed on game-changing applications and dispatchablity solutions and capitalize on these innovative options for your business
GET FINANCED IN A POST-FIT ERA: Where, how, who and when – hear the full story behind investor buy-in and draw in new cash streams
EUROTRICITY: Tap into the single European Energy Market and exploit the opportunity to export clean power from North Africa