Construction of wind energy plants in Czech Republic slower than planned

The construction of wind farm plants in the Czech Republic is stagnating as the combined output of new units rose by only 1.3MW in January to November 2011, CTK newswire reported citing Michal Janecek, head of the Czech Wind Energy Association (CSVE).

The country’s national plan for renewable sources envisages annual growth of 50 MW in order to meet the goal of having 743 MW generated from renewables by 2020. The country aims to produce 13% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

By the end of this year, wind power plants with a total output between 8MW and 10 MW are planned to be built. In a separate statement, CTK reported that power generated from renewable sources met 8.32% of the domestic consumption in 2010, in line with the government’s target. In 2010, power generation from renewable sources grew by 27% y/y.