Gamesa began construction of a wind farm in Malaga

The installation work has begun in what is known as the House, which runs between Ardales and Teba, with a capacity to generate 18 megawatts in the wind farm once operational.

Today you can see how the operators are already working on the ground, being built some of the access roads to the point of location of future wind turbines. They are also raised for the same platforms and cranes presage that these wind turbines will soon begin to produce clean energy.

But it is not the only wind farm that will arise in the short term, and two others, in this case promoted by the company Enel, is scheduled to commence construction in early 2012, once have completed the process of administrative procedure, as reported from the provincial delegation of Innovation Government of Andalusia in Malaga.

The wind energy facilities to be located in the municipality of Almargen have capacity to produce 34 megawatts, while the third of the wind power parks, which will extend the terms of Campillos and Teba, will be able to produce 36 megawatts. Thus, in the medium term will occur in this area of ​​the province an increase of 88 megawatts of wind energy production.

The Provincial Delegate of Economy, Innovation and Science, Marta Rueda, explained that wind power is one that has experienced stronger growth in renewables in Malaga in the last three years, from 167.3 to 479.7 megawatts. There are currently 19 wind farms in the province whose energy is supplied to half a million citizens and prevents the emission into the atmosphere of 326,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to withdraw from circulation nearly 180,000 vehicles.

The first wind farm in the province was settled in 2000 in Casares and had 19.8 megawatts. Until 2007 two wind parks were created in Casares but the real explosion of wind energy came from 2008, when the load placed on the remaining 16 parks in different parts of the province.

By José Santamarta,