AmeriLithium Starts Nevada-Based Full Monty Lithium Project

AmeriLithium Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: AMEL; "AmeriLithium" or "the Company") is pleased to confirm the 2nd stage of exploration on the Company’s Full Monty lithium project began on November 14, 2011. The Full Monty Project represents a 5,300-acre block (8.25 square miles) of federal placer mining claims in Nye County, Nevada, 25 miles north of Clayton Valley’s prime lithium-mining region. The project covers the gravity low of the intersection of the Montezuma Trough (gravity) lineament with the Big Smoky Valley lineament. Gravity lows such as the Full Monty Gravity Low are thought to be traps for lithium-bearing groundwater.

The Full Monty project’s 1st stage of exploration recently provided positive gravity survey results. Those results were used when planning the 2nd stage of geophysical exploration, which includes more detailed and focused geophysical surveying through a scalar Controlled-Source Audio-Frequency Magneto-Telluric (CSAMT) survey, a low cost geophysical technique commonly utilized in mineral exploration to provide deep geologic information.

The 2nd stage survey is being performed by Zonge International, Inc. (Zonge), and will map geologic stratigraphy and structure relative to the occurrence of lithium brine, identify conductors that are thought to be representative of lithium bearing brine, and provide information for the selection and design of additional geophysical surveys. AmeriLithium’s consulting geophysicist, Mr. Jim Wright of J.L. Wright Geophysics, will be completing the 2nd stage reports once the data from the survey is received.

Matthew Worrall, AmeriLithium’s CEO, commented: "We’re excited to be starting another phase of lithium exploration in Nevada. Zonge is an experienced company, so we’re expecting to have quality data in our hands very soon. And from there, we’ll know how best to proceed toward realizing the full lithium potential of our Full Monty project."

Details of the survey’s progress and preliminary findings will be provided as they become available.

Lithium is a lightweight metal used in a wide range of consumer products the world over: the medical industry uses Lithium as an anti-depressant; industrial uses include glass, ceramic and porcelain enamel manufacture; the aviation industry uses Lithium in alloys. Of particular interest is the use of Lithium for battery production, which has expanded significantly in recent years due to rechargeable Lithium batteries being used increasingly in electrical tools and in the rapidly expanding portable electronics market. Furthermore, the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles are being designed to use high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries as environmentally-friendly fuel alternatives while the Obama administration has introduced $5 billion in funding and incentives for the development of a secure, domestic battery industry with special focus on Lithium-ion batteries.

AmeriLithium is a publicly traded (NASD OTC BB: AMEL), mining company committed to progressively developing into one of the leading American players in the global Lithium industry. The Company is headquartered in Henderson, NV. AmeriLithium has amassed a Lithium portfolio consisting of ~727,419 acres, including four Nevada-based projects nearby the only Lithium producing plant in the US, a large project in Alberta, Canada, and a project in Western Australia.