Here Enterprises’ Wind Farm Located in World Capital of Wind Energy

Here Enterprises, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: HRTE), a growing developer of clean energy, is proud to announce that its Floresville, Texas wind farm is now in the wind farm capital of the world thanks to the completion of the world’s largest wind farm earlier this year. The state of Texas is also the U.S. leader in wind energy generation.

"The fact that the world’s largest wind farm chose Texas as its home really bolsters our confidence that we’re in the exact right place for a profitable future," said Mark Ryun, CEO of Here Enterprises.

And that future looks bright, according to research and advisory firm Clean Tech, the accepted authority when it comes to the clean tech industry. Their Clean Energy Trends 2011 report states that clean tech "has proven to be a significant business opportunity, and its growth rates now rival that of earlier technology revolutions like telephony, computers, and the internet." It goes on to state that the global market for wind power has expanded from $4.5 billion in 2000 to more than $60.5 billion today, a 29.7% compound annual growth rate. By 2020, Clean Tech projects wind energy to be a $122.9 billion industry.

Here Enterprises’ wind farm is located on its revenue-positive commercial motocross track, Cycle Ranch, which has itself been on the world stage with nationally televised competitions. The wind farm will power Cycle Ranch and, along with a planned five-acre solar farm, sell excess energy back to the local power grid. This will position Here Enterprises as a leader in the renewable energy market, which, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s 2011 report, is expected to grow nearly three-fold by 2035.

Here Enterprises is a developer of wind power, our nation’s fastest growing renewable energy resource. The Company is engaged in planning, developing, acquiring and operating wind farms in the United States to generate clean, profitable wind energy. Here Enterprises is developing wind energy projects which co-locate wind farms with commercial businesses in order to maximize cashflow for each project.