Siemens Wins Six Wind Energy Orders in the Americas

Since July 2011, Siemens Energy has been awarded six new wind turbine orders for a total of 293 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 673 megawatts (MW). Four projects are in the U.S., one in Canada, and one in the Caribbean in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Five of the orders were awarded during the period from July through September 2011 (FY11), with the Puerto Rico project (101 MW) order secured in October 2011 in the new fiscal year (FY12). Together, these six onshore wind power plants will have the potential to provide clean power to more than 200,000 homes. The total value of the orders is more than USD900 million.

"These new wind power orders clearly show our continuing strong position in the Americas wind farm market and the trust our customers have in our proven wind turbines," said Felix Ferlemann, CEO of the Siemens Wind Power Division. "All of these orders are for Siemens’ 2.3-MW wind turbines, which are the workhorses of the company’s wind power portfolio. To date, more than 3,700 units of this wind turbine type have been installed globally."

"As we look to further regionalization efforts within our wind power business, we’ve continued to locate new and expand existing manufacturing, assembly and service facilities to provide superior products and support to our wind power customers in the Americas," said Mark Albenze, CEO of the Americas Business Unit of Siemens Energy’s Wind Power Division. "These orders are evidence of the continued investment and growth in the wind industry and an increasing demand for clean energy in the region."

Siemens first entered the American wind market with one employee in the U.S. in 2005. Since then, Siemens has created nearly 1,800 jobs in its U.S. wind business alone. In addition to a nacelle assembly plant in Hutchinson, Kansas, Siemens also opened in 2007, and subsequently expanded, its 600,000 square-foot wind turbine IntegralBlade® manufacturing facility in Fort Madison, Iowa, which now employs over 700. Siemens has two additional facilities scheduled to open this year – a new wind service distribution center in Woodward, Oklahoma, and a distribution and tooling facility in Wichita, Kansas.

Siemens has a cumulative installed capacity of more than 4,800 MW in North America. The company is a strong number two in the U.S. wind market today and also holds a leading position in Canada, with the number one position in the Ontario wind energy market. In South America, Siemens Energy is gaining a foothold in the wind market. The company will be installing 2.3-MW wind turbines for three wind projects with a combined capacity of 312 megawatts (MW) in Brazil in 2012 and 2013.

Wind power is part of Siemens’ Environmental Portfolio. In fiscal 2010, revenue from the Portfolio totaled about EUR28 billion, making Siemens the world’s largest supplier of ecofriendly technologies. In the same period, our products and solutions enabled customers to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 270 million tons, an amount equal to the total annual CO2 emissions of the megacities Hong Kong, London, New York, Tokyo, Delhi and Singapore.