Vestas wins American acclaim for WindMade

Vestas is receiving recognition for pioneering WindMade, the world’s first global consumer label for wind power. On 3 November, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) awarded Vestas the Wind Advocacy Award for “exemplary leadership and support of wind through effective advocacy”. It is the first time the award has gone to a non-American organisation since its introduction in 1999.

“WindMade is probably the most unique communication initiative made in the wind business for the last 30 years. Vestas deserves to be commended for launching this new way to drive demand for wind power and then letting it grow as a separate entity on behalf of the whole industry,” Denise Bode, CEO for AWEA, said in connection with the award show in San Diego, California.

WindMade was conceived by Vestas but is now an independent nongovernmental organisation, backed by co-founding partners the UN, World Wildlife Fund, Bloomberg, the Global Wind Energy Council and Lego. Later this month, WindMade will announce a list of WindMade companies committed to having at least 25 per cent of their total electricity consumption come from wind generated power. In early 2012, WindMade will launch a label for products. Resembling well-known eco-labels like FSC and FairTrade, the WindMade label will enable consumers to choose goods and products made with wind power.

“WindMade is now a decision consumers can make at the checkout counter and companies can make in their business negotiations,” said Denise Bode.

Innovative positioning of wind turbines

For Vestas and WindMade, receiving an award from the American wind farm industry is highly encouraging.

“The US represents a beachhead for WindMade. It’s the world’s second largest wind market. The American consumers are many and influential, likewise some of the world’s strongest brands are American,” explained Group Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Customer Insight, Morten Albæk. Albæk, responsible for the WindMade initiative, accepted the award on behalf of Vestas.

“This award, from an industry organisation as influential as AWEA, shows that Vestas has positioned wind in an innovative way. WindMade will, for the first time ever, make it possible for consumers all over the world to actively promote wind power.”

The American Wind Energy Association is a trade association, representing the American wind power industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, developers and utilities. Formed in 1974 and based in Washington DC, AWEA promotes wind energy for more than its 2,500 business members.

Introducing WindMade™, an initiative leading to the first global consumer label identifying products and companies made with wind energy. WindMade™ will be dedicated to increasing corporate investments in wind power by informing consumers about companies’ use of wind energy, and increasing demand for products that embrace this clean and renewable energy source.

The WindMade™ label will provide qualifying companies the ability to effectively communicate to consumers a commitment to wind energy that differentiates their brand, and signals a strong commitment to renewable energy.

Because now more than ever, we believe that one of the most important ingredients in a product is the energy used to produce it, and, as the world struggles with the increasing impact of climate change, we need companies that are WindMade™.