Wind energy in Mexico: Bimbo wind farm with wind turbines of Gamesa

In the second half of next year, Bimbo debut Piedra Larga wind farm, currently under construction in Oaxaca, Francisco Avelar said. Bimbo signed a contract with a Spanish company that owns the wind farm, to become with Clidra Group, Papalote Museo Frialsa Refrigerators partner in wind energy.

Thus, Grupo Bimbo has not invested resources in building the wind farm but only committed to getting the wind energy produced by wind turbines over a period of 18 years. "The price we pay to Renovalia wind power is a bit lower than we paid to CFE, the advantage is price stability, it rises only with inflation".

Renovalia invested 200 million dollars in the wind farm with 45 wind turbines generating capacity of 90 megawatts. The wind farm and the installation of wind turbines is in charge of the Spanish company Gamesa.

"This will be the largest wind farm dedicated to a food industry. Will cover 50 percent of our need, regardless of the new acquisition of Sara Lee". Grupo Bimbo has 150 production plants and 10,000 employees in 14 countries, achieving sales of 10 billion dollars.

By José Santamarta,