Wind energy in Peru will boost social inclusion

Peru will become one of the largest producers of wind power in Latin America, renewable energy expert at the European University of Madrid Alberto Rios said.

Rios, who was a guest speaker at a wind farm integration seminar, organized by Concytec in Lima, praised the construction of three new wind farms for 2012, which would significantly benefit the country, as it would reduce dependence on natural gas.

He said that the development of wind energy in Peru will boost social inclusion of rural populations – and by not emitting Co2, the country could reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses.

In addition, the three new wind farms are being built in the towns of Talara, Cupisnique and Marcona, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

"The importance of wind turbines is that in countries with great potential, such as Peru, it becomes a fantastic vehicle to hook up to electrical generation systems, which are modern, sophisticated and highly competitive," he said.