Utility Energy Storage Market Guide

The electric utility energy storage market is projected to top $2.5 billion by 2015. Eight technologies – batteries, compressed air storage, flywheels, hydrogen, superconducting magnetic energy storage, thermal energy storage, ultracapacitors, and vehicle-to-grid – will compete head-to-head in this market.

Utility Energy Storage provides a comprehensive assessment of the state-of-the-art for energy storage technology and describes how the marketplace will likely evolve. Applicability and benefits are discussed for each storage technology, key players are profiled, and existing installations are identified. The report also provides an easy-to-use graphic comparison of competing technologies, allowing the match-up of product categories with specific applications.

Further, Utility Energy Storage analyzes the various benefits of storage installations for electric utilities, such as improved reliability and power quality, meeting needle peaks in electricity usage, reduced need for added generation capacity, deferred T&D upgrade investment, and reduction of CO2 emissions. Because of the intermittent nature of their power generation, storage is particularly applicable to utility-scale solar and wind farm installations.

Utility Energy Storage provides a comprehensive guide to opportunities for electric utilities, developers and suppliers of storage technologies, and engineering firms that design and construct installations.

Companies Mentioned: – Maxwell Technologies – Vehicle-to-Grid – Overview – Versions of V2G – V2G & Energy Storage – Key Players – EEtrex – V2Green Systems – University of Delaware.