SOLAR THERMAL 11 Heating up Milwaukee

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association is proud to announce this year’s keynote speaker for the SOLAR THERMAL ’11 National Solar Heating and Cooling Conference. The keynote speaker will be Mark Thornbloom, Vice-Chair of the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), an independent non-profit U.S. entity that certifies solar thermal equipment and publishes performance ratings. He has served the SRCC for the past decade in various capacities, most recently as Interim Executive Director at the UCF Florida Solar Energy Center in solar thermal applied research and development. Mark has a distinguished background in solar thermal research and development and the MREA is very excited to welcome him as the keynote speaker for this year’s conference.

SOLAR THERMAL ’11 is a two-day conference and networking event for industry professionals including: installers, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, designers, policy makers, code officials, and trainers. The theme of SOLAR THERMAL ’11 is "Connecting the Dots," representing an effort to speed solar thermal market transformation by "connecting the dots" across the industry. This one of a kind event will feature workshops, exhibits and presentations on the cutting edge field of solar heating and cooling. This year’s event will take place December 1 & 2 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Milwaukee, WI.

Interested attendees, exhibitors and presenters should visit the official SOLAR THERMAL ’11 website at for more information or to register.

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