Solar energy investments on the rise

Solar Asset Management to Produce 240 kW of Government-backed Solar Energy in the Canary Islands with Installations Beginning in October of 2011. Whether financial, business or marketing related, a move by Internet mogul, Google, carries weight and credibility. In April of 2011, the world’s top Search Engine announced its $168 million investment in the construction of concentrated solar power plants in California’s Mojave Desert.

"Solar power is quickly becoming a very popular source of renewable energy in the market," says Michael Ackerman, Founder and CEO of Solar Asset Management. "Not only is it economically sustainable and environmentally friendly, but solar energy is also highly efficient and therefore capable of helping us reduce overall global energy consumption."

The Solar Asset Management (SAM) project involves the production of 240 kW of solar energy in The Canary Islands. Numerous solar panels will be installed on the rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings. Fully licensed, registered and approved, the SAM project will produce energy to be purchased by the Spanish Government. Purchase agreements are already in place at a set price per Kilowatt, further contributing to the security of the investment.

"Solar Asset Management is situated in the Canary Islands, Spain for three primary reasons," explains Ackerman. "Firstly, Spain is a pioneer in solar power development and therefore has a legal framework among the best in the world. Secondly, the climate is ideal. The Canary Islands are known to be one of the most highly exposed sun regions of the world. And lastly, the SAM project is subsidized by The Canary Islands Government and fully backed by the Government of Spain."

SAM is in a position to offer international retail investors with a similar opportunity to that taken advantage of by Google. An investment in SAM involves the acquisition of a particular number of solar panel leasehold agreements. Energy produced by the solar panels is sold to the Government of Spain and in turn, investors are paid regular disbursements throughout the course of their investment.

As the industry flourishes and the demand for solar power continues to remain above global supply, it appears evident that investments such as these are poised to play an important role in the future – both as a means by which to grow wealth and to supply the world with an important renewable power source.

Solar Asset Management (SAM) is a solar power investment company located in the Canary Islands, Spain. Operated and managed by a strategic team of investor relations experts, solar power technologists and solar engineers, SAM produces mass amounts of solar power through the installation of solar panels atop the roofs of commercial and industrial buildings. SAM is currently in the process of producing 240 kW of solar energy with a long-term plan to install 25 MW and 27 million Euros worth of solar power within the next four years.