Wind energy Gamesa celebrates World Day for Excellence 2011

Gamesa celebrates World Day of Excellence under the motto ‘Our commitment benefits everyone’, to raise awareness of and encourage a commitment by all company employees to health and safety, quality and the environment.

World Day of Excellence offers an opportunity to reflect upon Gamesa’s strategy and activities in each of these three core areas and to highlight our achievements and secure a commitment from all employees to continue improving our performance

In preparation for World Day of Excellence, Gamesa in the next few days will implement a number of initiatives: among others, these include a video, a photography contest, a slogan contest and a bicycle ride for company employees. Additionally, the company will hold the second edition of its Excellence Awards, which aim to acknowledge the factories, wind farms and suppliers with the best performance in safety and health, quality and the environment.

For Gamesa, maintaining its position as a market leader also requires a stringent, far-reaching policy on safety and health, quality and the environment that fosters a safe workplace, rewards a job well done and is in keeping with the protection of our natural environment.

The safety and health of workers, the quality of all products and services and respect for the environment are cornerstones of the company’s strategy and are fundamental elements in the management of each of its employees.

Gamesa works hard to ensure a safe and healthy workplace through information, training and accident prevention management. Safe working conditions help to improve job satisfaction and, with it, productivity and market competitiveness.

Gamesa was the first Spanish company to certify its Workplace Health and Safety Management System at all of its facilities worldwide.

Additionally, the quality of our products and services is an essential management element which must give our customers added value and afford our company a competitive edge.

Gamesa’s business, like any manufacturing activity, affects the environment on both the manufacturing processes and wind farm development ends. Gamesa’s approach to sustainable development calls for meeting our business objectives, without compromising future generations, while minimising the environmental impact of our activities.