Nordic wind power firms eye Chinese wind energy market

Wind farm solutions for the future will be the main focus for the Nordic Green seminar, which opens Oct 17 at the Danish Embassy.

With a focus on research and innovation in collaboration with Chinese organizations, Nordic Green strives to promote and discuss future solutions and creative inputs for wind turbines technology.

Research and innovation will be complemented with insights on strategy, challenges and developments in Chinese wind power. The focus of the seminar will be offshore wind farm and grid integration technology.

China surpassed United States as the world’s largest producer of wind power at the end of 2010.

China’s 12th Five-Year plan reveals a focus on integrated solutions. However, about one-third of China’s wind turbines are idle, a sign that China’s wind power industry still has some problems to solve, according to the seminar.

In order to increase the potential of wind energy in China, there is a need to develop grid capacity and other supportive technologies, the seminar concluded.

The seminar brings together experts and CEOs from the wind industry before another conference, China Wind Power, begins on Oct 19.