Azerbaijan: Connection of test site of wind energy and solar power

Jamil Melikov, deputy director of the State Agency for Renewable & Alternative Energy Sources under the Ministry of Industry & Energy, has informed that Gobustan experimental test site is now at the stage of connection to the overall energy system of Azerbaijan. In particular, now the Agency is studying the conditions under which the site can be connected to it.

"Increase of pilot wind farm site’s capacity will be carried out within the project. In general, capacity of a solar electric plant and use of biogas will be raised," he added. On 13 September 2011, President Ilham Aliyev opened officially an experimental testing ground in Gobustan and a training centre of the State Agency for Alternative & Renewable Energy

The Centre designed to supply power to Gobustan has an area of 38 hectares. There were installed three wind turbines with capacity of 0.9 MW, a pothovoltaic solar power plant with capacity of 1.8 MW and a bioenergy plant with capacity of 1 MW. In the prospect solar power plant’s capacity will be increased up to 5.5 MW. This plant is run from its own dispatch center.