Vestas to supply 129 MW to Sweden’s biggest wind energy project

Vestas receives 129 MW wind energy order in Sweden. Vestas receives 129 MW wind power order in Sweden and signs conditional order for another 69 MW, for delivery of 43 wind turbines V112-3.0 MW.

Vestas has received an order from a joint venture consisting of Arise Windpower AB and Platina Partners LLP for delivery of 43 wind turbines V112-3.0 MW. The order has a total capacity of 129 MW and the turbines will be installed in Jädraås, Sweden.

Delivery of the first 43 wind turbines for the Jädraås wind farm is scheduled to be completed in November 2012.

The contract includes supply, installation, commissioning of the wind turbines and a 15-year full scope Active Output Management agreement with a production based availability warranty.

“This order is of great importance to us as this is the first major order in Sweden for Vestas’ V112-3.0 MW turbine, and we are delighted to be selected as supplier for this project. With this order, Arise Windpower AB and Platina Partners LLP allow us to present our largest onshore turbine on a significant Swedish project. We see this project as a stepping stone for the V112-3.0 MW turbine into the Swedish market,” says Klaus Steen Mortensen, President of Vestas Northern Europe.

In addition to the 129 MW firm and unconditional order, Vestas and Arise Windpower AB/Platina Partners LLP have also entered a conditional order for another 69 MW for the Jädraås project consisting of 23 V112-3.0 MW turbines. Further details will follow as soon as the order becomes firm and unconditional.

"We are very pleased to be chosen as supplier to this milestone onshore wind power plant in the Scandinavian market," says Krister Poole Jönsson, Vice President Sales of Vestas Northern Europe.

The V112-3.0 MW turbine was released for sale in August 2010. It is designed for low and medium wind speeds. Jädraås will be the first major Swedish power plant with V112-3.0 MW turbines. When finally completed, the wind power plant in Jädraås is assessed to become Northern Europe’s largest, with an estimated yearly production of 570 GWh of renewable energy.

“The Jädraås project is our most important strategic project at the moment. Being in a partnership with Vestas for this huge commitment gives us confidence. Especially within service, Vestas’ know how is essential for the years to come,” says Peter Nygren, CEO of Arise Windpower.

“The project represents the continuation of our relationship with Vestas and we are excited to be constructing our first project in Sweden with the new V112-3.0 MW turbine,“ says Emma Collins, Partner of Platina Partners LLP.
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Vestas Northern Europe is one of seven Sales Business Units in the Vestas Group. The company manages all sales, construction and service operations for onshore wind turbines in the countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. As of 30 June 2011, Vestas Northern Europe has delivered a cumulative capacity of 6,545 MW, representing 14 per cent of Vestas’ global onshore capacity.

Arise Windpower is one of Sweden’s leading companies in onshore wind power. Its business concept is to sell electricity generated at the company’s own wind turbines. The company’s target is to have about 700 MW (equivalent to about 300 wind turbines) in operation or under construction by 2014. Arise Windpower is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

Platina Partners LLP is an independent European investment firm established in 2002. It focuses on renewable energy infrastructure projects (mostly wind and solar) and special situation buyouts to transform businesses. With equity under management of EUR 500m and an experienced investment team based in London, Paris and Milan, Platina Partners has a track-record of delivering value to its investor base which comprises leading institutional investors, pension funds and family offices.
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The V112-3.0 MW was released for sales in August 2010. It is based on proven technology and Vestas’ more than 30 years of experience within manufacturing wind turbines. The V112-3.0 MW is designed for low and medium wind speeds. 80 per cent of a V112-3.0 MW turbine can be recycled, and after approx eight months, the wind turbine is energy-neutral, which means that it will contribute to reducing carbon emissions for more than 19 years. During its lifetime, the V112-3.0 MW wind turbine only emits 7 grams of CO2 per kWh, deriving from production and installation of the turbine. By 2015, efficiency must have improved by 15 per cent so that the turbine emits a maximum of 6 grams of CO2 per kWh during its lifetime.