BP Wind Energy invests $800m into 419 MW Kansas wind farm

Roger Clark, director of AECI’s engineering and operations division, added, ‘The focus for us at Associated Electric Cooperative is low-cost, reliable power supply for 875,000 co-op consumers in three states. This long-term agreement ensures we will continue as Missouri’s wind energy leader to supply low-cost, renewable electricity to our member-consumers in Missouri, northeast Oklahoma and southeast Iowa.’ In July, BP signed PPAs for two proposed wind farms in Pennsylvania with a combined capacity of 105MW.

"We’ll be paying the land owner group where we’ll actually be sitting our wind turbines, which is more than 200 people, more than a million dollars a year in royalties," said Graham

Flat Ridge Wind Farm 2 will be the 14th, and the largest, wind farm by BP Wind Energy in the US. The 13 existing farms, including Flat Ridge Wind Farm 1, presently produce around 1,600 megawatts of energy – enough for about 500,000 US Homes. Flat Ridge Wind Farm 2’s capacity is expected to be around 419 megawatts.

BP Wind Energy says Flat Ridge Wind Farm 2 will be constructed in Sumner, Kingman, Barber, and Harper counties. "We have enjoyed working closely with BP Wind Energy to create jobs and grow the economy in our state."

BP Wind Energy said that it will build an $800 million, multi-county wind power farm in south-central Kansas. The 419-megawatt wind turbines plant is expected to be operational in fall 2012.

The wind farm, called Flat Ridge 2, will mean 500 construction jobs and 30 full-time jobs when complete. Three-quarters of the power the farm will produce will be purchased by Associated Electric Cooperative. The wind farm will be spread over 66,000 acres in Barber, Harper, Kingman and Sumner counties. It will be the state’s largest wind farm.