Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) will kick off its 27th Annual Conference

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) will kick off its 27th Annual Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver next week, October 3 – 6, by unveiling its long-term plan for the strategic development of wind energy in British Columbia. CanWEA’s WindVision2025: A Strategy for BC identifies the significant opportunity for the growth of wind energy in the province of British Columbia due to its plentiful wind resource, its heritage hydroelectric facilities and the province’s accelerating demand for affordable and clean electricity.

The CanWEA vision recognizes BC’s rich heritage of natural resources, its forward-looking investments in energy infrastructure and British Columbians’ commitment to reduce their province’s carbon footprint. With BC’s significant wind resource, CanWEA makes the case for wind energy as the ideal addition to and complement for BC’s heritage hydroelectric system and clean energy policies. The document outlines the significant economic, social and environmental benefits that will be realized with the growth of wind energy.

The document will be of significant interest to editors, reporters and researchers focusing on wind and other renewable energy in the western provinces, nationally and internationally with detailed perspective as well as current and projected statistical data.

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