Gamesa expands its position in the Chinese wind energy market delivering 200 MW to Huadian

Gamesa, a global technology leader in the wind energy industry, signed an agreement to supply 200 MW to Huadian New Energy Development Company, which calls for the supply and installation of G90-2.0 MW wind turbines between 2011 and 2012 in China’s northern Inner Mongolia province.

The signing of this wind farm contract coincides with a visit to Spain by Liu Qi, deputy director of China’s energy regulator NEA (China’s National Energy Administration), and executives of China’s top four energy companies – China Longyuan Electric Power Group, Datang Renewable Power Company, China Huadian New Energy Development Company and China Guangdong Nuclear Wind Power Company – Gamesa’s major customers in China. A signing ceremony, presided over by Fabrizio Hernández Pampaloni, Spain’s Secretary of State for Energy, was held this morning at the Industry Ministry.
Strengthening trade ties

During the signing ceremony, José Antonio Miranda, chairman and CEO of Gamesa in China, underscored "the opportunity the Chinese delegation’s visit represents for continuing to strengthen our trade ties and raise awareness of our technological capabilities. Gamesa in China continues its efforts to contribute with its technology, manufacturing capacity and operation and maintenance services and wind farm development activities to China’s energy commitment: to continue to address rising electricity demand through the use of clean, competitive and sustainable energy sources."

"The Chinese government and our customers there have had the opportunity in recent days to learn about our technology and manufacturing capacity, which are at the forefront of the industry, through a visit to our Aoiz (Navarre) manufacturing plant, where we produce blades for the G10X-4.5 MW machine."

Meanwhile, as Liu Qi explained, "when Vice Premier Li Keqiang visited Spain early this year, he was impressed by the country’s use of renewable energies, and encouraged both Chinese and Spanish companies to work together to develop these sources of energy. This trip has enabled me to endorse the Vice Premier’s vision and to enhance cooperation between our countries. This agreement represents a strong foundation for future cooperation."
3,000 turbines installed in China and a joint development pipeline of 2,900 MW

In China Gamesa operates as a turbine manufacturer and wind farm developer, a competitive advantage it strengthens through joint ventures with the country’s major power companies (at a global and provincial level), thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of the wind energy industry.

Gamesa has installed near 3,000 turbines at more than 60 sites across China since 2000. The company currently has six manufacturing plants in Tianjin and Jilin provinces, and is about to finish construction of its new factory in Inner Mongolia. Gamesa employs 1,200 people in China.

As a wind farm developer, the company’s joint project portfolio in China totals 2,900 MW. China in June 2011 accounted for 20% of the company’s total sales.