Wind energy: great potential and challenges in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most promising wind energy market. Based on ongoing wind farm projects, it was estimated that wind turbines capacity could rise from 392 MW in 2010 to 1,800 MW in 2012 and 3,300 MW in 2013. The latter was reported by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in a study that also emphasized that in order to reach this growth it is necessary to overcome a number of challenges.

The last two national wind power tenders awarded contracts for over 1,900 MW. By using the mechanism known as reserved price auction, the average price agreed upon for the generated energy was $62/MWh, so that for the first time local wind generation will be lower than gas generation ($65/MWh). This cost is unprecedented worldwide, and according to several experts it proves the feasibility and cost effectiveness of wind energy.

Nevertheless, according to Bloomberg such low prices will have a decisive impact on the development of this field in Brazil. Indeed, in the resulting strong competition aimed at reducing generation costs and improving wind farm plant efficiency, only companies that meet this challenge will succeed, said Bloomberg.

The latter enhances the activities that Enel Green Power performs aiming at excellence. This is why this company won a public tender for three wind farm contracts for 193 MW of wind power in the States of Rio Grande do Norte, Pernambuco and Bahia, that add up to the other 90 MW already granted in a similar tender in 2010.