Bulgaria to decide on number of eligible wind farm projects in 2012

Bulgarian Wind Energy Association (BGWEA) expects that the number of wind power projects with already paid guarantees that will be put into operation will be clear in the middle of 2012, Kenneth Lefkowitz, chairman of BGWEA’s supervisory board, said.

It is expected that by that the time the public information system with data where and what capacity of renewable energy sources are under construction will be ready. It will be also clear how many plants could be connected to the grid in each region.

BGWEA has estimated that Bulgaria’s installed renewable energy capacity will reach between 2000 MW and 3000 MW by 2020, given the current number of projects.

During a visit to the Gabris-Sefiros wind farm near Tripoli in Greece, Lefkowitz said, however, that some of the wind energy projects might not be put into operation, even with already paid guarantees.

According to the energy renewable act endorsed in the spring, investors are obliged to pay upfront guarantees of 25 000 leva a MW of installed capacity for plants of up to five MW and 50 000 leva per one MW for wind farm facilities of more than five MW.