Launch of Free Movement of Electricity actions, website and Facebook

The movement is being coordinated by EWEA, Europacable and EURELECTRIC, in partnership with (in alphabetical order); AEBIOM, Business Europe, E3G, European Climate Foundation, European Copper Institute, EGEC, EPIA, EREC, ESTELA, Friends of the Supergrid, GWEC and Lewiatan. Each one of these partners brings their network of supporters and considerable talents to the table, ensuring that the message of free movement of electricity is spread far and wide.

The message? That twenty five years after the Single European Act, Europe urgently needs greater freedom of movement in electricity: a single internal power market and a network infrastructure to facilitate it. A single electricity market will increase competition, improve security of supply, help deliver climate goals and integrate modern energy technologies including renewables.

The website is a platform for supporters of Free Movement of Electricity. The centrepiece of the site is a statement detailing why Europe needs freedom for electricity, what needs to be done and how to do it. There is a page where partners have left messages as to why they support the goals, and an area for individuals to add their own messages. In addition, there is an ‘About’ section, outlining exactly what freedom for electricity means, the work done over the years towards the goal of freedom of electricity, and the work that remains to be done.

Tom Rowe,