EGP USA will develop the world’s first solar power – geothermal energy plant

Enel Green Power North America (EGP-NA) will build in the USA the world’s first solar power – geothermal energy plant. The hybrid facility, unique in its kind, will integrate into the Stillwater Geothermal Energy Plant 80,000 solar photovoltaic polycrystalline modules. This plant, which is owned by Enel Green Power and is already operating in the Churchill County outside of Reno, together with its twin plant Salt Wells has an installed capacity of 65 MW.

The world’s first solar-geothermal plant will have an installed capacity of 89 MW. The technological combination will be used to increase the facility’s present peak capacity (65 MW), adding 24 MW to its capacity and also creating 150 new jobs.

Thanks to their innovative technology, both StillWater and Salt Wells binary cycle plants have been allocated incentives for over 60 million dollars, within the stimulus plan that the American President Barack Obama has enacted to promote clean energy.

With more than 70 plants and an installed capacity of about 800 MW, EGP-NA operates in 20 US States and three Canadian Provinces, and is one of the only energy companies that manages different technologies.

Also in the USA, in 2008 EGP-NA built Smoky Hills in Kansas, EGP’s largest wind farm in the world. With 155 turbines and an installed capacity of 250 MW, Smoky Hills provides energy to 85,000 US households, saving 750,000 tons of CO©ü.