Solar Power and Electric Vehicles

Kyocera declared that it has provided solar modules for installation over a car roofing in southern Germany to supply power to an electric charging station to provide charging facilities for electric bikes and electric cars. BLU"e" Solar of Germany has provided the design for the facility and completed the installation.

The installation comprises 248 numbers of 215 W Kyocera solar modules to produce 53.32 kW output. A number of Germans are opting for the use of electric powered and environment friendly bicycles and automobiles for transportation. The development has resulted into a growing demand for electric charging stations to charge the vehicles. The solar energy charging station provides eco-friendly and economical charging facility. Presently, the installation is providing free charging facility for the public.

The solar power charging station is one among the several innovative and alternative energy solutions Kyocera has been introducing in to the market. For instance, the Solar Grove installation completed with Kyocera solar modules in San Diego, California, while providing shade to the parked cars also generates power. While the company has produced Solar Cycle Stations on its own to provide charging facility for the cycles, in association with Sekisui Jushi it has developed Eco-Shell, a solar powered sheltering facility, which can be installed and utilized in public places such as walkway coverings, benches, bus and taxi stops to provide shelter as well as power for illumination.