Suzlon to start exporting wind turbines from China

The company builds 2MW wind turbines in Tianjin and exports components from China for their assembly at Suzlon’s production sites in India, the USA and Germany.

The company hopes to produce its 6 MW wind turbines in China for the local wind farm market. At present, these wind turbines – the largest commercial-type ones in the world – are manufactured at its REpower subsidiary in Germany. Potential partners could be gas or oil exploration companies with experience in building and operating offshore platforms, Mr Tanti added.

“We are looking at state-owned companies only,” he said of potential joint-venture partners. “We can bring the wind power technology, the other partner brings other expertise, so it will be a good business model to offer customers as a complete turnkey solution.”

The joint-venture would produce, sell, operate and maintain the offshore wind turbines for wind farm customers such as the Chinese state-owned power suppliers. Mr Tanti said: “China will remain a large market for the next two decades,” Tanti said. “If you look at the next 10 years China will need 600 gigawatts of additional energy, and we expect at least 20 percent will come from wind energy.”