Wind Energy REpower Presents New Variant of MM100 Wind Turbines

With rated capacity of 2.0 megawatts (MW) and a 100-metre tower, the wind turbine was specially developed for low-wind farm locations. With its large rotor diameter of 100 metres, the wind turbine guarantees customers an optimum energy yield even when wind speeds are low. A prototype of the MM100 50 Hz is to be constructed in mid-2012 and the serial launch is planned for 2013.

The REpower MM100 was originally developed for the North American wind power market and up to now only a 60-Hz version has been available. Due to the great demand for a model of the tried and tested MM series with a large rotor, particularly in Europe, the turbine was adapted to a voltage of 50 Hz.

“We are currently experiencing great demand for large-rotor turbines. Not only in Germany, but also in Italy and France, where there are still a lot of low-wind locations with great potential”, explained Andreas Nauen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of REpower Systems SE. “In Italy, for example, building permission has been granted for numerous 2-megawatt turbines with a maximum 100-metre rotor diameter. Our new turbine will ensure an optimum energy yield for customers at such locations”. With 104.8 dB(A), the MM100 is also the quietest turbine of its class – the value already includes all measurement uncertainties.

REpower began production of the MM series in 2002. “The MM100 is based on the same reliable and service-friendly concept as its predecessors, the MM82 and MM92,” commented Matthias Schubert, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of REpower Systems SE. “The new model combines the experience and expertise we have acquired by installing and operating more than 2,000 turbines of this series throughout the world”. He explained: “In Europe, optimisation of the yield on the space available is more important than taking limited grid supply capacity into account as in the USA. For this reason, we are supplying the MM100 with 2.0 MW rather than the 1.8 MW supplied in the USA”.

Eolica Expo Mediterranean is Italy’s leading international trade fair for wind energy and is part of Zeroemission Rome, the most important Italian trade fair for renewable energies, emissions trading and environmental technology. REpower will be represented at the event by its subsidiary, REpower Italia S.l.r., which is headquartered in Milan. The company is one of the fastest growing wind turbine manufacturers in Italy and currently holds fourth place on the market with a share of 13% (2010). In July, REpower Italia achieved the historic milestone of 500 MW of installed output. Its fleet of turbines can therefore supply some 300,000 households with environmentally friendly energy.