Vestas has received an order for wind turbines for the Lucera wind farm in Italy

The wind energy contract includes supply, installation and commissioning of the wind turbines and a ten-year operation and maintenance agreement. Delivery is scheduled to start in the first half of 2012 and the wind power project will be completed in the third quarter of the year.

The wind power order has been placed by Sea Spa, a company controlled by Repower which is a leading Swiss utility generating electricity at its own plants in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. With a total installed capacity of 47 MW and a broad portfolio of projects in the pipeline, the company is looking into substantially increasing its own generation during the next few years, with a balanced mix of different technologies.

“We are pleased to announce the signature of this new project in Italy, as we believe we can rightly support the customer’s plans of further expanding its wind installed capacity to produce even more clean energy for its customers,” says Juan Araluce, President of Vestas Mediterranean, who continues: “Being the only company solely dedicated to wind power, we feel we can be the right partner for the company and the country’s further development within wind power.”

“It is very positive for the Italian wind industry that companies continue supporting the development of wind power. Through this order the customer has reaffirmed its trust in our products, our organisation and our capability of granting the business case certainty,” states Rainer Karan, Managing Director of Vestas Italia, who then concludes: “We look forward to continuing our good and fruitful cooperation.”

The wind power plant has a total estimated production capacity of 56,000 MWh per year. Furthermore, it will provide enough power to cover the residential electricity consumption of more than 55,000 people in Italy.