Reva NXR electric vehicles

Reva, the electric car manufacturer, is swiftly moving towards creating an era wherein the future of automobiles can be witnessed by the world. The creation of its all new electric vehicle, named as Reva NXR, is ready to be unveiled. The electric Reva NXR is a visually appealing car that is developed to offer a unique driving experience without neglecting the ill-effects on the environment, for which automobiles today are infamous. The stylish 2-door hatchback electric car from Reva is built keeping in mind the needs of the Indian users. The compact electric car assures its buyers that the menace of rising prices of petrol and diesel is kept at bay. Reva NXR, the most environment friendly alternative, will be available in many options, giving customers varied choices.

The electric cars with lithium ion batteries are considered as the future as the renewable resources are depleting at a faster rate. At such a juncture, where everything seems to be stalemate, the world demands for a healthy alternative which can protect the environment and things related to it. Electric cars have created a bandwagon for themselves, thanks to their effective and efficient performance. Such a vehicle certainly makes the drive a smooth one, with the driver being at ease. Reva NXR has been designed in a way that it proves to be more satisfying than its predecessor, as far as the speed quotient is concerned. The small hatchback possesses the ability to reach the maximum speed of 104 kmph and an astounding range of 160 km.

A common problem that people face while using the electric cars is the absence of a technique that indicates the battery status of the car. However, Reva NXR has a reliable solution for this problem as the car is equipped with technology that makes the driver aware of the status of the battery. Facilities like signs displaying time-to-full-change, pre-heating or pre-cooling the atmosphere in the car according to one’s own wish and unlocking the door as the user gets closer to the car, are some of the prominent features that Reva NXR boast.

Furthermore, Reva NXR has been provided with a mesmerising contour and a look that expresses a lot about the kind of car it is. The compact size of the car makes it easy for the driver to drive as well as park the car in areas having limited space. This proves that the company has worked upon miniscule aspects to offer a pleasant driving experience that can compete with petrol and diesel engine cars.

Chetan Maini, Deputy Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Reva Electric Car Company (RECC), was quoted as saying “The NXR is a stylish city car packed full of user-friendly technology. You can order one from today and production will start early next year, so you can be one of the first to own the latest generation of electric cars.” Moreover, people eagerly awaiting the cover to be blown will have to wait only till the 2012 Indian Auto Expo in Delhi when the all electric Reva NXR will be launched officially.