Karnataka issues request for proposals for 80 MW of Concentrating Solar Power and Photovoltaic projects

Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd. (KREDL, Bangalore, India) will manage the RFP process. Bids will be accepted for concentrated solar energy projects between 5 MW and 10 MW, and PV projects between 3 MW and 10 MW. No company will be allowed to bid on more than 10 MW of projects.

Additionally, developers of concentrated solar energy plants will be required to make arrangements for the availability of water.  KREDL made RFP documents available on August 12th, 2011 on its website. The RFP is being made under Karnataka State Solar Policy 2011-2016, which includes a goal of 200 MW from solar power up to 2015-2016. The state has also set a goal to increase solar generation to 3% of total electricity consumption by 2022.