Baran Group Begins Concentrating Solar Thermal Power In USA

Baran USA, with an immediate charter to focus on Renewable Energy Development within the much needed infrastructure build-out under way in much of the United States, will bring to bear Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM services) perfected since 1979 by its parent company, The Baran Group Ltd.

With the unrelenting increase in both economic and environmental issues regarding the provision of energy to a growing world, Baran USA is poised to tackle the problem in the United States. Manufacturing facility production costs soar with the rising price of oil, driving the final cost per finished unit up and purchase rates down. The need for many manufacturing companies to consider becoming independent power producers is now evident to numerous US-borne businesses.

The cost-analysis of investing in Renewable Energy Development to become an independent power producer reveals that in some cases, businesses can recoup the investment in just a few years, and in fact sell energy back to the power grid thereby creating a secondary revenue stream for them.

Mark G. Anderson, PE Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Baran USA commented that “BUI offers extensive EPCM services experience required to support the design and installation of pilot and prototype plants for new technologies and demanding customers such as BrightSource, Chevron and Heliofocus.”

Baran USA shall announce shortly that it has already completed its first major renewable energy development in the United States by building and commissioning a concentrated solar thermal power plant to the specifications of a major US oil company in the California Central Valley region.

Additionally, Baran USA is engaging with big-box retail outlets in the United States to construct solar arrays on their roofs. These renewable energy developments will supply the electricity required for operation of the stores, and in some cases will provide energy back to the grid.

The Baran Group provides a full EPCM solution to a broad range of industries and diverse fields including industrial process, manufacturing, water supply, power, petroleum, solid waste and hazardous waste, general buildings, transportation and telecommunications.

Baran is well known for offering creative and unconventional solutions to complex and challenging projects, customizing these solutions to meet its clients’ real needs. With over 1,700 employees worldwide, Baran has offices in Israel, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, England, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Thailand and Vietnam. Founded in Israel in 1979, the Baran Group has been profitable and has paid dividends to its stockholders almost every year since its founding.