A123 Systems to Supply its Nanophosphate Technology-Based Lithium Ion Battery

The 21.6 kWh packs are engineered to offer high power, durability, higher usable energy and enhanced safety, thus making it a key component of the ALTe powertrain. The packs will be integrated with a four-cylinder engine, proprietary controls modules and electric motors to improve fuel economy by nearly 200%.

ALTe anticipates procuring the Nanophosphate technology-based complete lithium ion battery packs by the end of the year and intends to install them in its electric powertrain systems by 2012 summer.

The duration of charging for the A123 battery pack is 8 h by a 110-volt outlet and 4 h by a 220-volt outlet. Besides considerable savings in fuel, the system improves the torque of the vehicle, while providing the same towing capability, horsepower and cargo capacity compared to trucks featuring the original V8 engine.

According to Jason Forcier, who serves as Vice President of Automotive Solutions Group at A123 Systems, the company considers that ALTe’s advanced powertrain systems will allow organizations to hybridize their light truck fleets at a lower cost. The company believes that its Nanophosphate lithium ion battery packs are ideal for this application and expects a long-term relationship with ALTe, he added.

The Chief Executive Officer at ALTe, John Thomas stated that the company selected A123 Systems as a major supplier of lithium ion battery technology, as its cost-advantage, superior-quality solutions fulfill the high durability, safety and performance requirement of ALTe’s powertrain platform.