Wind energy in Nepal – it possible to produce 20 MW through wind power in Kathmandu

Researchers who mapped the wind systems in various parts of the Valley, said it was possible to produce 20 MW electricity through wind power in Kathmandu.

The team identified hills to the valley’s west and east as potential wind farm sites for generating electricity from wind. Besides, the cost per megawatt for a hydro plant and a wind turbines based plant is about the same.”

Production of electricity by making use of wind is feasible in Makwanpur, Lakuri Bhanjyaang, Naagdhunga, Bhimdhunga, Nagarkot, Godavari and Phulchowki, said the team, that has been testing wind-powered generators in Khumaltar and Lakuri Bhanjyang.

Although the potential is great, very few studies have been conducted in this sector. There are only a few small scale wind turbines installed in the country. The Alternative Energy Promotion Centre is responsible for exploring the potential of wind energy but it has been criticised for failing to take the initiative.