Repower new wind power plant in Italy

With thirteen 2 MW wind turbines, the new Repower wind farm in Lucera has an overall installed capacity of 26 MW and can be expected to generate around 56 million kilowatt hours (56 GWh) of electricity a year enough to cover the power requirements of a town with 12,000 households. Repower is investing around EUR 45 million in the project, the company said.

The first steps are to create access to the sites of the individual turbines and adjust the terrain accordingly. Then foundations will be laid for the thirteen 80-meter Vestas turbines.

At the same time lines will be created to connect the wind farm to the grid. The energy generated by the installation will run 14 kilometers via an underground cable to a substation, from where it will be fed into the national 380 kV grid. The electrical equipment is supplied by Siemens. Most of the construction work has gone to local companies.

The whole installation has been developed and planned by Repower. Before construction could begin, the project also underwent a complex approval process, including a thorough assessment of the environmental impact. Final building permission and the licence to operate the farm were granted by the competent authorities this spring. Construction will take around a year, meaning that the wind farm is likely to be connected to the grid in the second half of 2012, the company added.