E.ON installs fast charging station for electric vehicles in Germany

The company said that its direct-current charging equipment is now available for electric car users, with a charging capacity of about 50kW, enables electric cars to recharge within 20 to 30 minutes.

The new charging stations support the CHAdeMO protocol, a charging standard which allows electric vehicles already available in Germany to be repowered.

The charging stations will be powered using renewable production and will come from the company’s own hydroelectric plants.

The company also plans to further develop public charging stations and deliver an even faster solution, with recharging taking only a few minutes instead of several hours.

E.ON member of the board of management, responsible for Research and Technology Klaus Dieter-Maubach said such public stations are attractive to customers and energy suppliers alike only if they have short recharging timesand the company is therefore pursuing this approach with particular interest.

E.ON head of E-mobility Ruth Werhahn said commuters are able to recharge them in their own garage overnight and during the day do not need more than the currently available vehicle range of just over 100km. "Fast charging stations make it possible to cope well with greater distances of 150km to 200km," Werhahn said.