ReVolt Technology is developing a Zinc-Air battery technology

ReVolt Technology, a technology company, which is developing a rechargeable Zinc-Air battery for automotive and energy storage applications, announced that Mr. Helmut Waltersdorfer and Dr. Tibor Kalnoki-Kis have recently accepted appointments as members of the advisory board of ReVolt Technology.

With more than 30 years in the automotive industry Helmut is an experienced senior manager and technical expert. Prior to his retirement in 2010 Helmut served as General Manager for Co-operation and Innovation at BMW in the Powertrain and Chassis Systems Division. He was also the Senior Consultant for electrical systems on the BMW project i electric car.

As an employee of BMW since 1981 Helmut worked in a number of senior roles including Marketing Manager, General Manager, Director of Powertrain Sales and in Marketing for the BMW Group. As a member of senior management Helmut had an active input to product policy and strategy of BMW Group for combustion engines, electric motors, batteries and fuel-cells in addition to being a consultant for various Austrian government and EU institutions. Helmut was also responsible for Innovation Management with the introduction of the Innovation Management Circle in the BMW Powertrain Division as well as being the initiator of the BMW Group Innovation Award known as enGENIUS.

“Since meeting ReVolt while at BMW I have followed the development of their Metal-Air technology with interest” said Mr. Waltersdorfer. “ReVolts ZFAB system may provide the opportunity to realize a number of significant performance and cost improvements in the powertrain for electric vehicles, I look forward to working with them as a member of the advisory board.”

Dr. Tibor Kalnoki-Kis has more than 20 years of experience in the battery industry as a senior manager and technologist. Prior to joining ReVolt as a member of the advisory board he served as Chief Executive Officer, President, General Manager and Chief Technology Officer for a number of high technology battery companies including Bren-Tronics Inc., Electro Energy Florida LLC, Sion Power Inc., U.S. Lithium Energetics, Enrev Power Solutions and Valence Technology Inc. Earlier in his career, Dr. Kalnoki-Kis gained experience in the energy industry as Vice President of Technology of Gould Electronics Inc.

He created and staffed a new corporate R&D facility with more than 70 technical staff in the fields of electrochemistry, metallurgy, process engineering, analytical and organic chemistry. In addition, while at Gould, Dr. Kalnoki-Kis successfully launched two new divisions, the Powerdex Division dedicated to manufacturing unique Lithium batteries and the Electronics Components Division specializing in producing flexible circuit boards by unconventional techniques. Dr. Kalnoki-Kis was also instrumental in designing, building and start-up of two manufacturing facilities in Japan, producing electrolytic Copper foils for circuit board applications and cathode materials for Lithium-Ion batteries. Dr. Kalnoki-Kis began his career at Union Carbide Corporation. Tibor has authored numerous patents and publications in the field of batteries, adhesives, circuit board materials, electrochemistry and electronic materials.

“As the leader in Metal-Air technology ReVolt has realized a number of breakthroughs in the development of this important technology,” suggested Dr. Kalnoki-Kis, “the company has a very experienced management team and I look forward to working with them in my capacity as an Advisory Board member to further the development and commercialization of their Zinc-Air technology.”

“I am very pleased to welcome Helmut and Tibor to the Advisory Board,” said James P. McDougall, CEO of ReVolt Technology. “Their industry experience and knowledge provides us with an invaluable resource as we work towards commercialization of our ZFAB system for use in automotive applications. These appointments complete our Advisory Board and with the addition of Helmut and Tibor I am confident that we have one of the industry’s most experienced advisory bodies.”

ReVolt Technology is developing a Zinc-Air battery technology that will transform the global market for stored energy solutions. ReVolt’s technology performance attributes provide the highest-energy density (up to 3 times that of Lithium Ion), low-cost, safe and green. These attributes pose both a disruptive influence on the competitive landscape and significant step-change in performance for some consumer electronics, electric vehicles and grid-based alternative energy storage solutions.