SCHOTT Solar Filling 16 MW Solar Power Order In Thailand

The solar energy company, with manufacturing locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic will be delivering 67,000 photovoltaic modules for two solar power plants that Phoenix Solar Singapore has been building just north of Bangkok since June. The two sites will achieve peak output of 9.7 and 6.2 megawatts. From December 2011 on, they are expected to supply an annual yield of around 25,000 MWh of environmentally friendly solar electricity to as many as 10,000 Thai households.

Phoenix Solar Singapore, a subsidiary of the German company Phoenix Solar AG is responsible for planning the installations, including the delivery of modules and inverters. From the very outset, the investor, Solarta Co Ltd, a joint venture between Yanhee Solar Power Co Ltd and the independent power supplier Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PLC, was interested in finding a mixture of German engineering skills and technological expertise and local knowledge in the area of construction management. The decisive factors that spoke in favor of SCHOTT Solar were its high standard of quality and the linear performance guarantee of 25 years that the company offers on its modules.

SCHOTT Solar to deliver modules by September

The two installations are expected to go into operation by the end of the year. SCHOTT Solar will be supplying polycrystalline modules from the SCHOTT PERFORM POLY 2xx series to Thailand between June and September for use in this project. These products are known for their high resistance to weathering and easy installation. In addition, the modules that Öko-Test, one of Germany’s leading sources of advice on making wiser buying decisions found to be “Very Good” also guarantee high electricity yield thanks to the linear performance guarantee mentioned earlier.

Second reference project in Asia

This new order is further testimony of the expertise SCHOTT Solar has in the area of projects and doing business abroad: “We have signed contracts to supply modules with a capacity in excess of 50 MW peak for large international projects over the last few months,” said Dr. Martin Heming, CEO of SCHOTT Solar AG, and added: “Our local presence in the international markets and previous experience in managing large projects were both crucial factors in convincing our partner to choose us.” The project division of SCHOTT Solar benefits from the international sales network of SCHOTT AG that is made up of sales offices in more than 40 different countries. It unites all of the photovoltaic project activities under the name “SCHOTT Solar Power Projects”, from direct sales to power plant customers like Phoenix Solar to support for the development and realization and even the sale of turnkey power plants to investors.

Dr. Heming expects solar power plants to play an important role in the future, particularly in the new Asian markets and the United States. “Know-how in the project business and an international sales network are becoming increasingly important. The diversification and internationalization of SCHOTT Solar outside its core markets fits into this picture just perfectly,” Heming explains.