LM Wind Power opening ceremony for the establishment of plant in Urumqi (China)

LM Wind Power is a leading supplier of blades for wind turbines. With headquarters in Denmark, the wind energy company manufacturing plants in Denmark, Spain, the United States, India, Canada and China. LM Wind Power employs 4,000 employees around the world.

Internationally, LM Wind Power is in a leading position in the wind farm industry as the only blade manufacturer that operates on a global basis. The company is committed to research and development, product innovation and providing customers with efficient and high quality services. Currently, more than one-third of wind turbine blades operating throughout the world are produced by LM Wind Power.

LM Wind Power opened operations in Tianjin in 2001 to supply wind turbine blades for wind farm markets in China and the larger Asia-Pacific region. The demand for more blades has coincided with the continuing expansion of the Chinese market.

In 2007, LM Wind Power  established a new plant in the Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone to tap West China markets. The company plans to employee 200 workers and operate the plant as a wholly owned subsidiary.