Financing issues for Solar Power Projects in India

Solar Power is booming worldwide and India aims to be one of the largest player in the Asian Solar market along with China and Japan. With the ambitious National and State programs on Solar Energy, India is expected to have a Solar Power Generation capacity in excess of 50 GW by 2020.

One of the biggest hurdle that Solar faces in India is that of financing. The interest rates soaring to as high as 13.5 % and lack of willingness by banks to finance the new investment model of Solar Power Projects, is adding to the woes of the developers.

One way to solve the funding problem is to go for international financing, which are typically lending at rates as low as 3-4 % and have a loan period of up to 16 Years. This kind of funding make the projects financially very feasible.

Headway Solar (P) Ltd. is in talks with various international funding agencies for financing Indian Solar Power Projects and has had many fruitful discussions in this respect.

With a solution in sight for Solar Power financing in India, the Solar market will have a lot to cheer about.

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