Enel Green Power plans USD 572.5m projects in Chile

The development of a portfolio of 400 million euros is the main objective Enel Green Power has outlined for Chile during the next five years. The Italian energy company Enel Group has several plans in geothermal energy, solar energy and wind power in the country, seeking to become a viable alternative to meet growing national energy demand.

"Chile has a very interesting combination of geothermal power, solar energy and wind energy, a huge hydro potential, a growing demand for electricity and a reliable regulatory framework. There are not many places in the world that combine all these elements, so we see in this country a great opportunity to invest in interesting projects and class, " said Francesco Starace, Director and CEO of Enel Green Power, a company active in Chile since 2001, that two months ago moved its headquarters to the Southern Cone to Chile to manage the entire region, except Brazil.

Among the initiatives promoted by the company is the exploration and evaluation of geothermal energy in northern Chile, which could have a potential capacity exceeding 100 MW. The project is in its stage of processing environment for your next start and could make way for the construction of the first plant of its kind in South America.

"In parallel, we will make a significant investment in our first wind farm, also in northern Chile and is already in the stage of approval, and an R & D on photovoltaic solar energy in the Hill Pavilion (Atacama Region) where there is a wonderful resource. The idea is to build solar panels that harness concentrated solar power and can supply isolated and difficult to connect, "said the executive.

These initiative are also added mini hydro projects, to be installed in the south and that could be started in 2012.

Over 300% have increased investment in Enel Green Power between 2010 and 2011 worldwide. In this context, the coming years the company plans to invest around U.S. $ 9,000 million, of which U.S. $ 2,100 million will be invested only in Latin America.

"We were able to continue to invest in projects without suffering the impact of volatile markets. So in the coming years we will continue and if we see new business opportunities and development of good projects are ready to increase our resources, especially in Chile, Brazil and Mexico, "forward Starace.

By José Santamarta, www.evwind.com