Electric Vehicles Infrastructure China Summit

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure China Summit 2011 to be held on 29th-30th November (November, 2011) in Shanghai, China, focusing on the development of EV Infrastructure in China.

Chinese government and auto makers are pushing hard to achieve countrywide mass adoption of electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries. To support the access to widespread charging networks, China is also on track to lead deployment of electric car infrastructure in the coming years.

As the first one that focuses on EV Infrastructure in China, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure China Summit 2011 will provide an outlook of China’s EV industry and infrastructure development in next 5 years from a regulatory perspective. Effective business models and standardization of EV charging Infrastructure will be discussed as well. Exclusive EV Infrastructure pilot project Case Studies will be shown in the summit. We will also offer high-tech solutions for specific technical problems.

In this summit, professionals from different sectors in the industry will get together to share visions and insights on how to fully take advantage of the coming EV revolution in China, look into challenges and opportunities in this ever complicated new market from multiple perspectives.

Outlook of China’s EV industry and infrastructure development in next 5 years from a regulatory perspective

Develop effective business models to ensure the commercial success of EV infrastructure in China

Standardization: EV roadmap in China

Cutting-edge EV, battery and charging technologies showcase

How to work with governments and regulators to ensure future proof policy development in China

Future business models for auto manufacturers in China and how to maintain

Profitability with new industry landscape

Technical innovations for future EVs and how it could benefit auto OEMs

Collaborating to accelerate the development of vehicle-grid connectivity standards

World pioneering EV pilot project case studies and implications