Wind energy in Honduras: the first wind farm in September

The first wind turbines of the wind farm located in central Honduras begin operations in late September, said Mesoamerica Energy. The wind power company announced that in the last days of next month’s four wind turbines will be enabled to continue wind project construction in the communities of Santa Ana and San Buenaventura, south of Francisco Morazan.

It is estimated that the wind farm will generate 100 to 125 megawatts completion of installation, which has an investment of at least 270 million dollars. The wind power project will consist of 51 Gamesa G87 two megawatts wind turbines, mounted on towers 80 meters high with three blades of 40 meters.

Construction work began in January, following the approval of 41 renewable energy projects by Congress, which are estimated to have an investment of two billion lempiras.

By José Santamarta,