EU and China’s Offshore Wind Power Industry

Offshore wind energy is a reliable, intensive and abundant form of renewable energy. This relatively new source of electricity generation, which is capable of meeting much of the populated coastal areas’ need for power around the world, has been also stimulating the development of marine economies with thousands of new jobs.

Recently, offshore wind farm has been widly viewed as a feasible way to transform economies from oil reliance to sustainable growth, not only to meet government obligations in cutting emissions, but to provide fundamentals for a new economic sector.

Offshore wind turbines is already providing a safety belt for marine industries across the North Sea region in Europe where oil is slowly depleting, with offshore wind farm projects just starting to take on a rapid phase of development. Thanks to strong government support, it is clear that Europe is leading the sector and has played a decisive role on making the transition to a low-carbon economy possible by the middle of this century.

The Key Aspects This Report Focuses On:

Overview on the most recent offshore wind power developments around the world. Overview on the essential technologies in offshore wind and the potential development path for the sector. Specific focus on the EU market with key developments in 2010. The Chinese wind energy market potential is presented as well as major challenges facing the yet undeveloped Chinese market.

Chapter Five investigates the technical, engineering and economical aspects of installing offshore wind farms in order to provide a good overview and clear understanding of investment costs. The main sections of the wind farm configuration are distinguished to identify cost components. Each cost pool of subsystems is detailed by taking into account size and distance factors.

Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm is presented as a case study for return on investment analysis. Finally, a comprehensive databank is included with this report to provide readers with a clear picture on the supply-chain of the offshore wind market as well as the available turbines and offshore wind farms in the four major markets (UK, Germany, Denmark, China). This enables further investigation into the future potential of the market.