Updates on Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Plants

The concentrated solar energy industry has seen several Concentrating Solar Power plants leaving the status of ‘planning’ or ‘under construction’ to operation in the last 12 months, most of them located in Spain and the US. In fact, between 2010 and 2011, Spain installed 410 MW and the USA 79MW. Invaluable data like this and more has been compiled as part of CSP Today’s latest report: The Concentrated Solar Power Markets Report 2011-2012, which provides unique analysis to move the industry and your company forwards.

The CSP Markets Report, put together after in-depth interviews with over 40 CSP experts, details critical changes in recent months. A sample of the extensive updates in the CSP industry within recent months includes:

Acciona’s opening of its second 50MW CSP plant in Extremadura
Leading engineering firm Abengoa going online at Sanlúcar la Mayor with Solnova 4
SAMCA Renovables opening two more plants: La Dehesa and La Florida
Manchasol 1, developed by ACS/ Cobra Group commissioned Extresol, a 50MW plant with 7.5 hours of storage

But progress does not stop in the US and Spain – CSP development is expanding throughout the globe. The CSP Markets Report goes into detail on new projects including the parabolic trough plant in Egypt, in Kuraymat, 100km south of Cairo. This is a hybrid power plant that uses both solar power and natural gas, and the Report explores the challenges faced by all involved in getting this project and more off the ground.

Plus, the report examines the critical emerging markets including Australia and China – the last few months have seen AREVA Solar awarded a major contract in Queensland, and SkyFuel signing an agreement for the construction of a plant at Huludao.

Plants in development around the globe have finally become a reality and at this stage, having to hand the latest data and analysis is essential. The CSP Markets Report offers just this, after in-depth interviews with more than 40 CSP industry executives with real world experience operating in these emerging markets. The information collected included views on the drivers and barriers in each markets as well as their take on the growth prospects of each market. Information and data on the CSP projects was collected from national CSP industry associations and developers and the report was reviewed by 4 independent CSP experts.