China Ming Yang Wind Power to Develop Offshore Wind Energy in Guangdong

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited ("Ming Yang" or the "Company") (NYSE: MY), a leading wind turbines manufacturer in China, announced that it signed a strategic cooperative agreement (the "Agreement") with China Three Gorges New Energy Corp. ("CTGNE"), a fully-owned subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation ("CTGPC") to foster closer cooperation in both domestic and international wind farm development. CTGPC is a wholly state-owned enterprise which is responsible for building and operating China’s Three Gorges Dam Project.

A signing ceremony between CTGNE and Ming Yang was held in Guangzhou, attended by Yang Wang, Provincial Committee Secretary of Guangdong Province, Huahua Huang, Governor of Guangdong Province,Xiaodan Zhu, Vice-governor of Guangdong Province, Guangjing Cao, Chairman of CTGPC, Fei Chen, General Manager of CTGPC, Jianguo Zhao, Chairman of Southern Power Grid Co, Ltd, Li Pan, Chairman of Guangdong Yudean Group Co., Ltd, Suoming Qian, Party Secretary of CTGNE, and Chuanwei Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ming Yang.

The cooperation between Ming Yang and CTGNE will focus on offshore wind farm development in Guangdong, giving Ming Yang preferential supplier status in CTGNE wind turbines projects in Guangdong. Furthermore, the agreement sets the possible supply of Ming Yang EPC solutions for CTGNE wind power projects, and paves the way for domestic and international wind power projects development in the future.

"Establishing a closer working relationship with CTGNE helps to reaffirm Ming Yang’s leading position and forming of the special alliance in the development of offshore wind power in Guangdong, as well as its competitive advantage in offering innovative EPC wind power solutions in China," said Chuanwei Zhang, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ming Yang. "Ming Yang continues to expand its blue-chip customer base, and we look forward to working with CTGNE to spearhead development of offshore wind power in Guangdong Province and beyond."

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited (NYSE: MY) is a leading and fast-growing wind turbine manufacturer in China, focusing on designing, manufacturing, selling and servicing megawatt-class wind turbines. Ming Yang produces advanced, highly adaptable wind turbines with high energy output and low energy production costs and provides customers with comprehensive post-sales services. Ming Yang cooperates with aerodynEnergiesysteme, one of the world’s leading wind turbine design firms based in Germany, to develop wind turbines and share intellectual property rights. Ming Yang’s key customers include the five largest state-owned power producers in China, with an aggregate installed capacity accounting for more than 50% of China’s newly installed capacity in 2010.