Impact Battery Meets Solar Energy Demand

Darren Somerville, founder of Impact Battery, announces the company is meeting demand for the solar power needs of most outdoors enthusiasts. The company sells a large line of solar batteries and portable solar panels to service a wide assortment of recreational vehicles, sporting and camping equipment.

"Impact Battery knows our customers work hard to earn leisure time to play in the great outdoors. They play hard, and quite often, under extreme conditions in remote locations. We want them to have the best experience possible and to do that, they need power they can depend on," said Somerville. offers a wide selection of solar energy products across several highly popular brands to service the recreational needs of their customers. They provide solar batteries and portable solar chargers for RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, camping, multi-purpose, marine and emergency applications. Regardless of the type of equipment to be powered, Impact Battery offers a solar energy solution for it.

This includes:

Copper Indium Gallium DiSelenide (CIGS) Flexible Solar Cells
Amorphous Plug-N-Play Solar Maintainers
Sealed AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
Mobile Power Converters, Inverters & Batteries
Aluminum Framed Highly Durable Solar Panels

Brands offered include:

Global Solar Energy
Sun Xtender
Universal Power Group

Somerville said, "Dependable, durable solar energy products are what our products bring to the table. Nothing puts a damper on an outing like a power failure in a piece of recreational equipment miles from anywhere. We provide the best solar energy products in the marketplace to let our customers avoid these situations."

Impact Battery offers more than just solar batteries and solar panels. They host the IMPACT Community Program that donates a percentage of every sale to local charities. This affords the company a way to give back to the people that support them.

The program works with charities, schools and other organizations in their fund-raising efforts. Customers can choose which charity Impact Battery donates to on their behalf.

"Almost everyone uses batteries of one type or another. This program allows groups to support their favorite organization with shared proceeds. We’ll talk with anyone about fund raising goals and how the IMPACT program can help their group reach them. Detailed information about this program is available on our website," according to Somerville.