Solutia receives contracts to supply solar thermal plants in Spain

Solutia Inc., which is engaged in performance materials and specialty chemicals, has received contracts to supply its Therminol VP-1 synthetic heat transfer fluid for two new concentrated solar power plants in Spain. The concentrated solar energy projects are each 50 MW solar power plants with solar thermal storage located in Extremadura, Spain.

"Therminol heat transfer fluids continue to be selected for concentrating solar power plants around the world," noted Sharon Dunn, vice president of commercial services for Solutia’s Technical Specialties division. "These awards reinforce our capability as a global supplier and demonstrate our commitment to the growing solar industry."

Therminol heat transfer fluid is used in the trough-shaped mirror assemblies to absorb concentrated sunlight, heating up to about 400 degrees Celsius. This stored heat can be used to produce energy during periods of little to no sunlight, including the evening hours. The heated Therminol is used to generate steam, which drives the power-generating turbines, the company said.

Solutia offers a worldwide network of product supply by manufacturing Therminol on four continents and has an unmatched worldwide network of technically skilled Therminol fluid specialists to provide expert service and support. Solutia is the world leader in synthetic heat transfer fluids, providing nearly 45 years of excellence in technical support, customer service, performance and innovation.